25 September 2005

Tourism Celebrates but Is Facing Some Challenges (ala C&D)

050926_govowens_100The economy is impacted by tourism (and that’s an understatement). September 19-21, 2005 Metro Denver hosted a “Wild on Tourism” Conference. Top-notch speakers, booths and experts listened, shared and experienced the best-of-the-best. Keynote luncheon speaker, Governor Bill Owens was happy to point out great strides made by the tourism industry in 2004…it brought in $7.3 billion to the state’s business coffers. There are many things that other businesses could learn from this conference. Check back for more…and add your comments too! LISTEN

The Governor talked quite passionately about a related issue and hot topic, the Referenda C&D campaign. Pat & I heard some facts we had never heard before. We have friends and associates on both sides of this issue. Listen, learn and/or give us your feedback on this hot C&D issue. -In the 1200’s, Dante said,” The hottest place in ‘hell’ is reserved for the neutral.”

21 September 2005

Old Littleton Block Party-Photos

Check the Photo Album We had a great time at the Littleton Block Party. Click on the Thumbnail photos to expand photo size.

Old Littleton Block Party

Pat and I were truly enjoying the Colorado Tourism Conference. It seemed like all of a sudden we were asked to get on a bus (we were at the Marriott Tech Center). We weren’t really highjacked, but suddenly we were on a comfy bus headed off to Old Littleton”.

Following 9/11 and other economic challenges, the tourism industry was hit hard by its own Tsunami. Today the word was, "Old Littleton really had its act together and would serve as a great model for drawing tourists as well as a neat place for the locals to hang out." As we got off the bus, we were greeted by John Brackney, president of the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce and Brian Vogt, director of Colorado’s Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Then we were offered beverages and food of our choice (so much for our diet).

As we strolled down Main Street (packed with people having fun) we saw that it was lined with local vendors offering more free food and drink. Three bands, dancing, dance demos, a full range of antique autos (not so antique to me - more like unfulfilled dreams) such as a 1955 Thunderbird. More autos, including a Maserati but not a Corvette. We even got to go back stage at the Town Hall ARTS Center and watch rehersal of the play, Westside Story, opening soon (we will be attending). Check out the Photo Album. Don't forget to click on the thumbnails for photos you can actually see.

Colorado cities – if you want to pick up some ideas on how to attract out-of-town dollars and make your citizens happy, check out Old Littleton.

20 September 2005

2005 Gov's Colorado Tourism Conference

Colorado proved to be a popular destination in 2004, welcoming 25.8 million domestic overnight visitors…they spent $7.3 billion. You might have heard those figures before, but 7.3 Billion Bucks is a Bunch. Pat and I believe in the "Rising Tide" theory. Circulated money tends to provide rewards for everyone, and truly lifts our economic horizons higher and higher.

Today, Governor Bill Owens addressed the tourism heavy-hitters from Colorado as well as many out-of-state and international guests. The Governor was introduced by Brian Vogt. That guy is in everything as it relates to money and the Colorado economy. Pat and I attended this event last year, but this year with record-breaking attendance along with a growing economy - the audience was charged by the action and discussions. We've got lots to tell you about.

The Tourism Industry served up heaping plates of information and business building ideas.  Not only does this industry bring big cash into an area, they’re right out front offering business building ideas for local businesses to take advantage of the local draws. Martin Cuff, while not officially in the tourism industry, he is the new Colorado Film Commissioner, suggests using the movie industry to build your business.  Fabulous ideas that we’ll share in just a bit.  But how about  Mr. & Mrs. Smith weekends, cookery books, or Angellina Joley makeovers… There are lots of movies that were shot in Colorado, Martin shared stats with us of increased tourism rates - increasing local retail sales.

We are off for more, check back tomorrow. We’ll have more facts, photos and sound bytes.  Truth be told, we’re going back for a great block party – that’s in Littleton.

We're psyched! If you have good ideas relating to Tourism in Colorado, let us know radio@w3w3.com