04 November 2007

It's the Law Resource Guide: Text; mp3 Files; Links

Before you go out and spend a bunch of time, energy and money, you might want to take a few minutes to check out the easy to use "It's the Law" Resource Guide which has text, mp3 files and links to more info. Here are just a few of the topics that are addressed by 17 attorneys from Holme Roberts & Owen LLP (HRO) plus their guests - Angel Investors, Term Sheets, Valuation, Climate Change, Open Source, M & A, Peer to Patent Project, Written Policies, Protecting Your IP, Performance Reviews, New IP, Supreme Court and Patent Challenges, Overtime, Comp Time, Wages, Identity Theft, The Global Marketplace, and more. The "It's the Law" Channel is not intended to be legal advice or an alternative to speaking with an attorney. Countless leaders, managers and entrepreneurs have regretted doing or not doing something because they were unaware of the potential legal implications. Here's is an example. Most decision makers realize they should have 'things' in writing. Breach of contract suits are often based on written personnel guidelines or policies. Bottom line, whenever an employer issues a written policy or guideline, they better be darn well sure that they are following them! You'll want to put this page in 'your favorites'.
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21 October 2007

Odds Are Larry Caught You on His Everywhere Camera


Idx_lnelson Over the years w3w3® has taken thousands of photos and posted them on the photo 'Events' page. If you attend some of the better high-tech and business events, your picture is probably posted on the w3w3.com website. We have so many photos, that we are now publishing them and indexing by yearly quarters. Check them out...

You'll notice on each page there is a large 'photo banner for each weekly issue of our newsletter. To the left, you'll see a small cover photo for each event. Click on the one of your choice and see the entire album. You can also watch it as a slide show if you like.

Oh yes, there are many photos to check out from prior years. You can also order high quality prints and get them the same day. w3w3® does not earn a profit from this, as we do it as a community service and LifePics delivers them at a low cost. Don't forget the 50% w3w3 Discount.

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Making Business Sense with Diverse Diversity

Idx_tmorreale Idx_skunzr What does diversity mean? Terry Morreale, Senior Engineer, Applied Trust and producer of the Women in IT Channel explored that question with Susan Kunz, CEO and Co-Founder of Solidware Technologies. In addition to how 'diversity' is traditionally defined such as differences in gender, ethnicity, nationality, Sue and Terry went outside of the box and looked at other areas and discussed the business benefits of really being diverse. Sue points out that, "It comes in lots of flavors. Socio-economic background, age, family placement (I love having interns as well as folks who have been in their careers for a long time). This brings a great balance of new ideas, energy, and experience to a team. Char, Co-founder of Solidware is Afro-American but her real diversity has to do with family placement; as oldest of 12, Char can manage anything, experience base, gender, education, and style. And how about team dynamics? "Diverse teams tend to be much more creative and innovative than those who think alike. Sometimes they can be more challenging to manage, but I'll take this challenge before striving for uniformity." Then they talked about the growing IT shortage. LISTEN

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Effective Sales: People, Processes and Tools

Idx_jcomer Jerry Comer, experienced sales and marketing trainer and consultant discusses with Larry Nelson, w3w3® the necessary elements of an 'effective sales system'. Jerry, Co-Founder of the popular Comer & Associates, LLC., also gave a clean and clear definition of the differences between sales and marketing. He shares the 'Big 5" pitfalls to avoid. 1) Not being prepared 2) Talking about features and not benefits 3) Asking questions but not listening 4) Not knowing how to handle objections 5) Not asking for the order. Jerry laid the groundwork by pointing out how 'sales' has changed and how the sales dynamic has changed in favor of the buyer. His advice can really help sales managers put together the best 'system' for managing the effort of both small and large sales forces. New and experienced sales people will benefit from his 5 Steps of Selling - from Awareness to Commitment. Remember, selling is a highly professional activity that is frequently not done well and is often confused with marketing. LISTEN

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Going from Chief Technology Officer to Entrepreneur

Idx_jsymons Lucy Sanders, CEO and Founder of the National Center for Women & Information Technology and NCWIT board member, Lee Kennedy talked to Jeanette Symons the founder and CEO of Industrious Kid, and mother of two. But she doesn't stop there. Prior to founding Industrious Kid, Jeanette co-founded Zhone Technologies, a telecommunications company that builds "last mile" access solutions, where she served as the company's Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, Engineering. Prior to Zhone, Ms. Symons was Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President of Ascend Communications, Inc., which Ms. Symons co-founded, from January 1989 until June 1999 when the company was purchased by Lucent Technologies. In addition, Jeanette was a software engineer at Hayes Microcomputer, a modem manufacturer, where she developed and managed its ISDN program. How does she do it? She has a number of suggestions for success but for Jeanette Symons, motherhood has proved to be good for business. Her kids helped her come up with the idea for her award-winning social networking site, imbee.com. LISTEN

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07 October 2007

Customized Reporting Solutions Give Your Business an Edge

Idx_doughennig2 Effective use of your business systems means getting information from them into the hands of the people who need it. However, reporting is a weakness in most applications. Pre-defined reports often do not give the answers people are looking for and reporting tools are usually designed for programmers not real users. Stonefield Software specializes in creating customized reporting solutions for any application. Stonefield’s flagship product, the award-winning Stonefield Query, makes report writing a snap for even the most novice user. Elegant and persuasive reports can be created in minutes with little or no technical knowledge. A range of businesses from large companies like Sealy, Hitachi, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and 3M down to mom-and-pop and single person companies use Stonefield Query to get the information they need to run their businesses. Listen to Larry interview Stonefield CTO Doug Hennig about how customized reporting solutions can give your business an edge. Doug and 3 other executives will be in Denver October 9 - 11th to start these discussions. Contact Larry at w3w3.com as he can set up a face-to-face meeting with Doug. LISTEN
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Canada - Coming to Denver, Colorado Week of 10/9/07

27 August 2007

Sophisticated Angel Investors Take It Up a Notch

Idx_gary_held Securing angel investment today has changed a great deal in the last 2, 4 and 6 years. Gary Held, president of CTEK (C = Capital - T = Technology - E = Entrepreneurship - K = Knowledge) reflects back on his own angel investment he made in the 1980s. He and many others like him wish there was a CTEK back when he made some of his first investments. Back then, it was common for an angel investor to make an investment based on if this was someone they knew, were they liked and if it sounded like a good idea. Today, you need more than that just to get an appointment. In short, angel investors have become more sophisticated, knowledgeable, and there are angel support mechanisms that help the entire process. Gary points out the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when trying to get angel funding. He also feels this is a great time for entrepreneurs to get started. CTEK has a couple of very powerful programs coming up that both angel investors and entrepreneurs should check out. LISTEN

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Leadership, Management, Production: Friends or Foes?

Most people go through life not ever really understanding their strengths and what they can capitalize on. On the other hand, they don't always understand their personal challenges that often sabotage their potential success.

It's all about people. People cause all problems and people solve all problems.

Before we try to understand and harness the world, we need to start with ourselves. Here's a program that will help you "Unravel the People Puzzle - It's Powerful • Proven • People-Oriented." All people are part of this equation. 'Quality is the enemy of innovation, innovation is the enemy of quality, and people get in the way of both'. A great organization needs to focus on all three (quality, innovation, people), all the time and a great manager must make decisions based on all three. The 3-Filters Technology offers a way for dealing with these conflicting needs. At the RMIMA Fall Information Technology Leadership Series, Larry Nelson, using 3-Filters Technology specifics will address these key topics...What you need to know before your next promotion... What you wish you had known before your last promotion...What you need to know to grow your company to the next level. LISTEN

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22 August 2007

Angel Investors, Term Sheets, Valuation and Control

A good target audience, vetting system, for your business plan or executive summary would be your corporate or business or finance lawyer. Because if they are not getting it after the first two sentences, it’s likely the angel investor isn’t going to do any better points out Mark Weakley , Partner, Holme Roberts & Owen, Boulder as he addressed questions about getting healthy financing from angel investors. Mark brought up some poignant thoughts about term sheets and evaluation. Valuation is often looked at by the entrepreneur only in terms of ‘how much of the company am I going to have to give up?’ They’re not thinking about the return that the angle wants to have. The entrepreneur is thinking if my valuation of the company is $4 mil and I have to raise $2 mil, then I have to give up ½ of the company. There you see the entrepreneur’s interest is control, management, other issues; and they’re not really thinking ‘What makes sense for the angel?’ LISTEN Part 2 of 2 - If you haven't heard Part 1 of 2 CLICK HERE

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06 August 2007

Brad Talks About the Future and

Dramatic innovation is here. More is coming our way and will transform many things in our personal and business lives. Brad Feld, managing partner of the Foundry Group is very open about predictions for the next few to twenty-years, and lays it on the line for a range of different topics: Why he supports NCWIT? Why he and Jason Mendelson started the 'Ask the VC' Blog? Why Colorado must invest more in education? ..as he weaves in other hot topics. Larry and Pat asked, "What are the 3 most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when asking for money?" You have to hear it in Brad's words but here is a hint: Wrong amount of money; A disconnect between what's needed and reality; and the team that is talking today and going forward with the plan. Brad points out he has never met a company whose revenue plan was accurate. He shares some ideas. Bytes: 6784630 LISTEN

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17 July 2007

Stephanie McCoy, Venture Capitalist Addresses Entrepreneur’s Capital Challenges with Answers

Idxstephaniemccoy The three deadly sins (most common mistakes) made by entrepreneurs seeking venture capital relate to introductions, timing, and the ability to change on a dime. Stephanie Smeltzer McCoy, managing partner at Meritage Funds lays it on the line when giving advice to entrepreneurs seeking money. Some of her ideas sound like common sense, however others are hard-hitting and can seem hard to gulp…but she is right on track. The “rules” have changed post 2004 and today 2-way due diligence will often make the difference. Stephanie has an interesting take on ‘commitment to your idea’. Listen carefully; this can help make the difference how a VC looks at the possibility of investing in your company.

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05 July 2007

See It - Link to It - Enjoy It - w3w3.com Chronicles

Idx_w3w3photochronicles The upgraded w3w3.com Photo Chronicles can help you find just about anyone who has attended a high-tech business event in the Front Range. On the Events page, In the left column, you'll see dozens of 'cover pages' for photo albums that are dated and titled and linked, according to the top events. You can then see the full range of photos and you can see them as a slideshow set up by our partners LifePics, and Mike's Camera - first in Boulder, Denver and Park Meadows. BTW, you can also see albums from years gone by. In addition you can also find the heavy-hitters who have been interviewed on w3w3.com. You might be there too.

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05 June 2007

Big Money for Photovoltaics, Solar Cells, Clean Tech

Garage.com decided it was important to invest in emerging technologies that could have a lot of potential for investment. Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures said, "We saw lots of activity, in universities and government labs, around a wide variety of ‘materials science’ that had applicability across business and the economy.." that struck Bill as having significant global implications. Many had an orientation toward energy technology, subsequently called ‘clean technologies’. Here's more...
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23 May 2007

If You Want Venture Capital, Listen Up and Be Careful

Everything has changed and there is no exception when it come to raising capital for a new venture. Entrepreneurs know the routine. Credit cards, second mortgages and then onto friends, family and fools. Here's some advice from a top VC, Bill Reichert, Managing Partner at Garage Technology Ventures that might have you wondering. Here are few musts from Bill: Small is beautiful; Lean & scrappy; Focus on customers; Don't follow the conventional business plan. Meet Bill Reichert at the RVC Colorado Capital Conference, Denver, Colorado, May 22, 2007 || Related Links: Garage Technology Ventures || Colorado Capital Conference || Colorado BIZ - VC Article || Venture Capital Channel ||
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17 May 2007

Small Businesses are BIG when it comes to New Jobs

Keynote speaker at the SBIR regional conference in Denver, Terry Bibbens, Managing Director of Homeland Venture Partners, laid out the facts facing ‘small businesses’ this coming year. Small businesses created over 92% of the net new jobs in the US based on data collected starting in 1989. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees created 85% of all new net jobs during the 14 –year period. The developments of small businesses along with SBIR grant funding have a tremendous impact on ‘Economic Development’ in Colorado. Then enters the federal congressional leaders: Most don’t even have a clue about SBIR grants for small businesses and as a result could likely be dropping the SBIR program. We need to let them know so they do the right thing. Related Links: Small Business Technology Counsel || SBA Research || National Science Foundation || PBC, Inc. || SBIR Colorado || Looking for Money || Venture Capital - Best way to Secure a Federal Grant! - Looking for Money Video Clip 
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15 May 2007

Checklist for starting a company By Pat Wiesner

Wrapping up the challenges of launching Wiesner Publishing.
The idea: Is it something you are willing to bet the farm on? Are you willing to risk everything you own for this business? You will be asked more than once as you seek funding or financing just how much of your own money and borrowing power you have on the line. The idea has to be so good to you that you will work almost all the time, invest all that you have. And if you want to get investors, you must convince them you understand your idea and know what you’re doing. Related Links: Read more Complete Story || Colorado BIZ Today || Associations || PodCast Directory || ColoradoBIZ Channel ||

27 April 2007

Yikes it’s Skype…a Disruptive Technology for Doing Business

Idx_doylealbeeskype At the beginning of the 1990s John Naisbitt author of “MegaTrends” predicted at the Denver Colorado Convention Center that in the future we would not have long-distance telephone charges. The audience appreciated the message; however few if any believed it. Today we enjoy many choices; VoIP, Cell phone madness and a growing number of communication possibilities. Now there is Skype. Doyle Albee, Metzger Associates discusses with w3w3.com the ‘how-to’ and ‘step-by-step’ process individuals and companies can go through to tap into free long distance. That’s right, it’s free and this discussion is digitally recorded for your listening and learning pleasure on Skype. Related Links: Metzger Associates || Skype || Metzger Associates Blog || Podcast Directory || FREE w3w3 Newsletter || Bytes: 6495402 LISTEN

24 April 2007

Initial Light Bulb - Tech Startup of the Month

Robert Reich started developing Me.dium’s technology in 2004 with the enterprise market in mind. Positioned as a collaborative tool, the application allowed people to see where others were surfing the Web in real time. Then last year, Reich teamed with co-founders David Mandell and Peter Newcomb to start Me.dium after an " a-ha" moment led them to a different market. Now the enterprise side is completely shut down. We are 100 percent focused on the consumer." They suggest, Me.dium reveals the hidden world behind your browser! Related Links: Complete Story || Me.dium Home || Colorado BIZ Today || PodCast Directory || >> Read more...

18 April 2007

Economic Driver – Bigger than Wal-Mart - Get the Facts and a Piece of the Action

There are a number of “urban myths” about the $2.2 Billion federal SBIR grant and contract programs. The fact is these grants and contracts are for innovative research that goes primarily to small companies and is non-dilutive to owners and investors are a BIG economic driver to the states that are home to the recipients. There are over 4000 Phase 1 awards given out each year and primarily to first-time recipients (over 50%). There have been 60,000+ patents issued to SBIR funded companies.  Ann Eskesen a nationally known expert on all the numbers in SBIR programs and Cody Farmer of SBIR Colorado lay out the facts in black & white. The economic impact continues.
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02 April 2007

Successful Serial Entrepreneur Offers 3 Key Points

Lessons learned and bottom-line results are what the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year" Program is all about explains Jim Wilson of Ernst & Young. Karl Friedman, CEO & President of NextAction, previous award winner was delighted that his company was nominated. He goes on to share three 'experienced based' thoughts for those pursuing the entrepreneuriall path. Karl says you need to have a long runway that includes lots of ideas as nothing happens as fast as you believe. Here's more. Related Links: Ernst & Young Call for Nominations || How To Participate || Next Action ||  Bytes: 6993400 > LISTEN

22 March 2007

Mid Sized Companies Winning with Startups

Good ideas that could become great income producers are most often high risk. Researchers and scientists that have innovative projects on the bench that are funded by non-dilutive SBIR federal grants can have a challenging time commercializing their new invention. Companies in the $50 to $300 million range often don't have a budget for the high-risk research. This is a great win/win opportunity for all explains Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado. Get the details here. Related Links: SBIR Conference || Looking for Money || PBC Home || Event Photos 2006 || > Bytes 3059777 LISTEN

21 March 2007

Collaboration and $2 Million Lead to a Nano Winner

With patent rights out of the University of Colorado, with an exclusive license, and full access to the future developments that rely on those base patents ALD Nano Solutions is breaking new ground. They have a fantastic relationship with CU and a terrific relationship with the Tech Transfer Office. Over the last 5 years we’ve gotten over $2 million out of the SBIR-STTR Program and that accounted for 80% of their corporate revenues, points out Karen Buechler, Founder, President and CTO of ALD Nano Solutions. Related Links: ALD Nano Solutions || CUTTO Winners || SBIR Colorado || CU Tech Transfer Office || Colorado Nano || > Bytes: 5574638 LISTEN

13 March 2007

Big Companies Offer Little Companies an Exit Strategy

Listen, take action and cash in on an opportunity that has been around for decades. Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado has helped many new startup innovative companies get grant funding from the federal government. More and more large companies are looking for ways to reduce their internal high-risk research in favor of buying companies that have technology that is ready to go. It really makes sense and is a win/win for Big & Small companies. Related Links: SBIR Conference || Looking for Money || PBC, Inc. || PodCast Directory || > Bytes 594770 LISTEN

07 March 2007

The Investor's Proposition with the SBIR Program

Investing in an idea that is not evolved or on the market is investment suicide based on normal investment protocol. In 2007, the federal government is offering $2.2 Billion in grants (a non-dilutive advantage) for new innovative research ideas from small high-tech businesses. Potential investors can observe and work with these companies to see the management team in action and check out the viability of the new invention, points out Russ Farmer, Executive Director of SBIR Colorado. Related Links: SBIR Conference || Looking for Money || PBC, Inc. || Find It || > Bytes 594770 || LISTEN

02 March 2007

The Billion Dollar Question: Are You Looking for Money?

In 2007, the federal government is offering grants for new innovative research ideas from small (even new) high-tech businesses. There are 11 agencies involved in the SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) grant program offering funding in a variety of areas including bioscience, defense, education, energy and many other areas that fit in with Colorado innovative entrepreneurs. Some of these SRIR grant recipients bring their creations to market by working with big companies. Russ Farmer points out SBIR grants do not dilute your ownership. Related Links: SBIR Colorado || Looking for Money || PBC, Inc. || Find It || > Bytes 3190599 || LISTEN

01 March 2007

Confidence and Persistence; Women in IT Career Path

Terry Morreale, Producer of the Women in IT Channel interviews Mel Reveles, Director of the Internet and Technologies Department at the Colorado Bar Assoc. Along the way Mel never really intended for this to be her career. Ten years later, she is still at the CBA. She manages a department of three full-time staff as well as various contractors when extra resources are needed. The women who work with Mel also came from non-technical backgrounds. Related Links: Women in IT || COBAR || Barking Seal Newsletter || Applied Trust Home || Bytes: 4841746 || LISTEN

01 February 2007

249 Anatomy of a Start-up: More Than a Business Plan

In addition to the normal components of a business plan that focus on business objectives, product/service description, financials and mission statement — write your plan around a certain niche. Remember, your business plan is a work in progress. Be flexible and adapt your plan as your industry changes, points out Joe Kelly, founder of the Business Network Consulting Ltd. (BNC). Understand your business/competition. Learn all you can about the industry you’re entering. Iinclude a competitive analysis in your plan. READ the entire article at ColoradoBiz Today Related Links: CO BIZ Startup Challenges || PodCasting Directory || Find It || Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, Joe Kelly, Business Network Consulting, Business Plan Channel: News || > READ

24 January 2007

244 Why does everything always cost more than we have available ?

Part II in a series on the startup challenges of Wiesner Publishing. In our household, as our six kids were growing up, occasionally money would get thin. Either my wife or I would extend our arms, palms up — the universal sign for being out of money — and say, "Where did it all go, Blanch?" referring to some comedian somewhere who used the line incessantly. Then we would both chuckle and sit down to figure out what we were going to do. Point: In family financing as well as in business, the job to be done will always expand beyond the money available to do it. Either you do something different or get more money. Related Links: Cash Is King || Find It || PodCasting Directory || Colorado BIZ Today || Keywords: Colorado Business Magazine, COBIZ, Colorado, Household Money, Wiesner Publishing || >READ MORE

22 December 2006

226 Student Ambassador Program Reaches Out to the Community

At the annual RMIMA Employment Panel, Pat and Larry sat at a table with a business owner / student and recent graduate of the USAP. Mike is now a member of the RMIMA board. Bob Curfman who heads up the University Student Ambassador Program, says this is a wonderful opportunity for the students and the non-profit association as they are always looking for volunteers. The students get to hear about job opportunities, network with other IT professionals and USAP serves as a great community outreach. Bob says the students are different than his counterparts of 20-years ago. Related Links: University Student Ambassador Program || w3w3.com Blog || Beyond the Trends || Women in IT || Keywords: Bob Curfman, Rocky Mountain Information Management Association, RMIMA, University Student Ambassador Program|| Bytes: 1912897 > LISTEN 12/22/06

17 December 2006

227 Getting the Inside Scoop on Job Openings in 2007

Most people feel that IT jobs can only be found in the IT sector. However professional business services, consultants in various roles and companies of all sizes are depending more today on an internal staff. This also creates opportunities with IT staffing companies. Alexandra Hall, Colorado, Department of Labor & Employment. Director of LMI and CDLE Chief Economist expects a solid 2.4% growth rate in 2007 along with multiple times the job openings, for replacements. The babyboomers are at it again. Related Links: Dept. of Labor & Employment || Labor Market Info. || LMI Statistics || RMIMA || Keywords: Alexandra Hall, Colorado, Department of Labor & Employment, IT, Jobs || Bytes: > LISTEN 12/21/06

13 December 2006

223 Change is in the Air for Veterans in Colorado

This past year, there has been a complete and thorough update of business building materials and classes for veteran owned businesses. The coaching, counseling and seminars are available to the vets, their family members and other employees that work for them. For Veteran owned small businesses there are many options and various tools available at a very reasonable cost points out Kelly Manning, the State Director for the (SBDC Network) Colorado Small Business Development. Related Links: SBDC Network || Veterans Channel || Veterans Blog || Vets Conference Photos || Keywords: Veterans, Small Business, Colorado, Kelly Manning, SBDC, Business Plan || Bytes: 2465648 > LISTEN

11 December 2006

225 Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital - Predictions in December 2005

Here's some candid straight talk about access to VC capital in Colorado. Brad Feld, Managing Partner of Mobius Venture Capital didn't have much good news to talk about when w3w3.com interviewed him two and three years ago. Brad gives some specific examples and offers some interesting advice for the coming year. For some, it is going to be a very good year and for others will struggle. Reviewing Access to Capital- Past, Present and Future - 12/12/05 and a few years prior. Related Links: Mobius VC || Brad Feld Blog || Venture Capital Channel || Find It || Keywords: Venture Capital, Brad Feld, Mobius Venture Capital, Access to Capital || Bytes: 6096042 > LISTEN 12/11/06

27 November 2006

215_ Don't Let Another Year Go By - The Ultimate Win is Yours

Larry Nelson has taught this material in seminars in over a dozen countries, from China to Canada, from Norway to Australia, from Germany to Japan as well as throughout the US. He shares the results of his international research about the Characteristics of an Achiever and then goes on to help you lay out your "personalized blueprint" to personal and professional success. Larry is an internationally published author, has been a consultant to many Fortune 1000 companies and is best known for his train-the-trainer programs. Related Links: Training Trends || Ultimate Win || 3-Filters || Your Goal || Keywords: Ultimate Win, Goals, 3-Filters, Achievers, Characteristics of a Leader, Achieving Personal and Professional Satisfaction - > READ More 11/27/06

06 November 2006

206_ Veterans Small Business Owners Get a Boost

Access to capital is the most common request at the Colorado Small Business Development according to Kelly Manning, State Director. For Veteran owned small businesses there are many options and various preferred choices. Determining how much is really needed, justifying the need and preparing information for the potential funding source is critical. Then there is the business plan. A full day conference loaded with the information for every aspect of building a successful business is being held at the Brown Palace on 11/8 for only $15. See you there. > Related Links: Vets Small Business Conference || Veterans Channel || Vets Conf Photos 2005 || SBDC Network ||Keywords: Veterans, Small Business, Colorado, Kelly Manning, SBDC, Business Plan, Access to Capital - 11/06/06 LISTEN - Bytes 5998657

23 October 2006

178_ Building Your Business While Beating Travel Prices

Kevinward_idx_1 According to Kevin Ward, President of PC Conferencing there are three main challenges that entrepreneurs face. The first is money. Many start out with their own, and credit cards and then there's the challenge of raising money from Angel investors or if your company has big potential, VC investors. The second is people. As Kevin says, "you know you need good people, but can you get along with them?" The third is balancing your personal time, your work and your family.> LISTEN 9/18/06
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17 July 2006

150_Building a BioBusiness Incubator at Fitzsimons

Helping develop a bullet-proof case in order to commercialize a scientific breakthrough and then secure an appropriate investment is what the Fitzsimons BioBusiness Incubator (FBBi) is all about. David Drake, director points out that in that value-added food chain at one end is the science discovery and at the other end the financial community. Bio discoveries generally require a great deal more capital to bring to market. The FBBi steering committee, advisors and catalyst team make it all happen. > LISTEN
Related Links: Fitzsimons BioBusiness Incubator || Colorado Life Science Deal Flow Blog || Colorado BioScience Association || BioScience Channel || BioWest 2006

Larry pointed out that both Brian and David are really "Tall" as you can see from the
"Top Stories" photo: Ts_blog_242x78

Response from David Drake:

Hello Larry, Many thanks for the interview.  I think it went well.  A significant challenge is to get people to truly grasp what bio is, why an incubator makes sense, what an incubator does, etc.  So, good stuff here.  Slowly but surely, we’re making the difference we seek to make in CO bio. 

Hello Brian, I’ve not had the direct opportunity to thank you for backing our candidacy for funding last year.  We certainly needed it and I believe we’re putting it to good use.  We’re due back in front of your committee in September, so I’ll see you then, if not before at BioWest or some other venue. 

As for the metric of “tall”, it reminds me of a cool story involving Southwest Airlines.  Twenty or so years ago, when Southwest was just up and coming as a regional airline, Herb Kelleher (CEO and founder) wanted to do a special promotion and wanted to call it something or the other.  Whatever it was, was trademarked already by a small outfit in North Carolina, owned and controlled by a burly ex-Marine.  Typically, this is when the lawyers get involved and make things nasty.  Instead, Herb (who ranks #1 in the U.S. in per capita consumption of Wild Turkey), called the guy on the phone and said “let’s arm wrestle for it.”  So, they did.  They packed a stadium in Dallas, TX with employees from both organizations and Herb entered the stadium like a gladiator –with a cigarette in his mouth and double bandoliers of wild turkey across his chest.  I love that story as it tells so much about the true nature of the entrepreneur who never, ever forgets that hype is just hype and people matter most.  Everyone went away happy, the deal got done, and no lawyers got paid.  I don’t imagine we’ll be arm wrestling anytime soon, but thought I’d pass this anecdote along.  Have a good day.  Dave

24 October 2005

The Last Day is only the Beginning (or the end)

w3w3.com and TiE-Rockies Blogging Party
We had a very good event... many have said excellent. Jonathan Weber of NewWest.net drove down from Montana, and Jonita Leroy "Ms Colorado Tech Week", Vic Ahmed - TiE-Rockies, Gary Held - CTEK, John Metzger and Doyle Albee really got into it... and Brian Vogt's blog on our site was great. We had 100+ people on a Friday night, and many seemed tired, but they really woke up once we got started. We had great speakers, Scott Converse - Podcasting; Dave Taylor - Blogging; and Joe Pezzillo aka Joe King - Video Blogging. We also learned about CREDITZ, a new digital currency and Newsgator will be remebered everytime we pick up their lovely green pens. All of this and we will remain safe as SpySweeper from Webroot Software will be protecting every attendee's computer from here on out. We were the last event of Colorado Tech Week and it was "magnificent".

There are many things we would do differently... (this one was management by chaos), but we still want to maintain the casual and FUN learning environment. We are going to do this again and include the PodCasting segment... and, we would appreciate any feedback from you.

In our observation, many organizations complete an event... and then they are onto the next thing. We encourage forward thinking and planning, but we feel it is EXTREMELY important to capitalize on what we have just done. The last page in the Resource Guide we gave out was about commitments... We encouraged participants to make some commitments as a result of their participation. Don't start on the next event until you have started working on your commitments.

Early Saturday morning we received an email from Ron McKey who before Friday night knew little to nothing about blogs. He set up his first blog about his business Friday night. He has a large and active website FlyingBeds.com (does hundreds of thousands of dollars of business from it) but sees the need to integrate a blog into his business. Other party goers with new blogs are Dean Rizzuto and
Kari a Certified Massage Therapist, as well as Stanley Feld, M.D. - if you care about health care and insurance...

Commitment, without follow through and execution, will give you a warm feeling at best, and you can get that from taking a warm bath.

All the best and talk to you soon,
Larry & Pat Nelson

21 October 2005

Let the Blogging Party Begin (Colorado Tech Week)

This was a week to remember in Colorado. From Governor Bill Owens launch at the Brown Palace to the w3w3.com and TiE Rockies Blogging Party at the w3w3.com Network Studios. Check out all the events here. Some were standing room only, but all were filled with excited people waiting to hear about, see and to experience some of Colorado’s most innovative ideas and products.

Now is the time for you to give us feedback about your experiences this week. Tell us what you liked, what you would like improved, what you would like to see more of next year, what needs improving…you know, blog a little.

15 October 2005

Best-of-the-Best Come Out to Shine During Colorado Tech Week

Larry and Pat are going to attend as many events as possible. Here is the list of events for each day. Check out the Governor's Tech Week Blog. Look for us - though I don't think the camera flash will be the way to locate us, we will have the camera and the KORG for on the spot interviews. And here is a cool way to cap off a magnificent week - the FREE Blogging Party - You need to RSVP! ...and we will be looking for you!

14 October 2005

Descriptions of Colorado Tech Week Events

0822_idxjleroy We just received an email from Jonita Leroy, Business Development Rep for Communications and IT at OEDIT. It contains a brief paragraph explaining each event during Colorado Tech Week. BTW, Jonita has done a spectacular job planning and coordinating the events at CTW. We've put Jonita's Overview up for everyone who hasn't taken advantage of the State's Informative Email Systems Advance Colorado - You can subscribe right from the Overview page too. Check it Out!

We'll be getting the w3w3 Studio Center ready for the finale: a Free Blogging Party with lots of food, beverages and fun. We call it Fun and Learn.

10 October 2005

Experts Show You the Way: Blogging and PodCasting

Enjoying a beverage, tasting some great cuisine, while networking with the finest; you could be learning the in's and out's of Blogging and PodCasting. Or you could be applying and updating your skills. This Blogging Party, first of its kind, will be the "funnest" learning experience you'll ever have at w3w3.com.

Brad Feld (VC Extraordinaire, Mobius Venture Capital), Jonathan Weber (Founder and Editor in Chief of New West), Joe Pezzillo (Internet Radio Pioneer), Dave Taylor (Author and Blogging Guru), Scott Converse (Founder of ClickCaster), and many other experts will be giving some face-to-face advice as well as virtually... while enjoying the food and libations.

Attendees will receive a hard-copy Resource Guide, Spy Sweeper Software and other Freebies too, as well as prizes. You must RSVP.

06 October 2005

Blogging Yes, It’s not Exactly a Spyware Party

David Moll, president and CEO of Webroot Software let it all hang out during an interview with Larry and Pat Nelson of w3w3® Media Network. They dug deep into David’s past and uncovered some VERY interesting history. He shared both the ups and downs.

When w3w3.com first interviewed David, Webroot had about 20 employees…today they have 309 worldwide, with most in Boulder, Colorado. This interview will be PodCast on w3w3.com on Monday, 10/10/05 and available for listening on your computer 24/7.

Here is some SUPER news. Webroot is giving the first 100 attendees at the TiE Rockies and w3w3.com Blogging Party - RSVP  on 10/21/05 “Spy Sweeper” software package. If you can’t make the party, you can buy one for $29.95 at most computer stores. BTW, the Blogging Party is FREE, but you must RSVP.

04 October 2005

The Case for Business Blogging

Join well-known business blogging expert Dave Taylor for two half-day workshops, on The Case for Business Blogging (perfect for business executives, and entrepreneurs who want to create and maintain a sustainable business advantage) and the dynamic, hands-on How To Blog (ideal for everyone who would like to get involved in this new communications revolution). It's a superb one-day immersion course in the world of blogs and business blogging!

Personal recommendation. Dave is professional, knowledgeable - an expert. His teaching/leader style is personal, humorous and he will take you right to the top. Don't waste time, Register Now! This is Wednesday, October 5th, at the Boulder Inn, Boulder, CO - 9:00am - 5:00pm - Cost $199 for either workshop, $299 for both (recommended). Mention w3w3(discount code) when you register and save  $40. 

03 October 2005

It's Blogging Party Time for Beginners and Pros

Larry and Pat Nelson, w3w3.com posts There are about 20 million blogs, with over 1.5 billion links. All blogs are websites, however few websites are blogs. With this information overload, Larry & Pat Nelson share a few tips that can be invaluable to all Web surfers LISTEN. There’s great advice AND an invitation to a Blogging Party - the Finale to Colorado Tech Week 2005. The party hosted by TiE-Rockies and w3w3.com is Friday, October 21, 2005. If you can't make it in person, be a Virtual Participant - It’s Free, Fun and Fabulous. Invitation to the Party

Helpful Blog Links: Technorati - Newsgator - TypePad - Brad Feld's Blog

18 September 2005

Coerced into Blogging

Brad Feld said the w3w3.com had to start blogging. The first time he said "blogging" I thought he might be swearing. Of course, I'm the same guy who predicted in 1996 that the Internet wouldn't make it. After all, it was a fad. My wife Pat asked me, right after my prediction if I wanted to become a dinosauer in my own time.

Always needing a little nudging, Brad would give me a few gentle nudges. Then Pat and I attended a Blogging Boot Camp sponsored by Tom Frey's DaVinci Institute. We met a number of bloggers, including Dave Taylor and Amy Gahran and that intensified the Blogging pressure.

So here it is, Pat and Larry are starting our own w3w3.com Blog and we ask you to join in. In fact if you want to do more than just post a comment, and really get involved, send us an email Larry@w3w3.com.