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Larry L. Nelson Background Information

Larry Nelson is co-founder and producer of the w3w3® Media Network based in Denver. The w3w3® Radio Show is the voice of the Technology Community in Colorado and serves Business, Education, Government and the Community. It can be heard via streaming audio as well as MP3 format.

w3w3 guests have ranged from venture capitalists to government leaders, from software executives to business leaders and from Internet success stories to timely tips for Web site owners. Visit the World Wide Web Radio Show at for more details. By the way, w3w3® enjoys a number one and other page-one rankings on Google and Yahoo.

Larry is also executive director of the Institute for Change Research and the co-founder of ICR Web. He has lived in five foreign countries where he headed seminar and consulting companies. Larry has promoted seminars and conferences in 17 countries.

The American Society for Training and Development honored Larry for his contributions. As president of ASTD in Wisconsin, he led the effort in establishing train-the-trainer programs in order to achieve quality and consistency. He has authored books and other training materials that have been used by various organizations in their management development and marketing programs.

In addition to his own published works, Larry has sold and promoted thousands of other seminar programs for over 100 different trainers both here and in many foreign countries. Larry also has marketed thousands of different training materials for seminar leaders worldwide. His promotional efforts for various companies have included single day programs as well as multi-track conferences.

The following is a partial list of clients he has worked with. AT&T, Ball Aerospace Systems, CareerTrack, Colorado National Bank, Dean Foods, General Electric, IBM, IRS, Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Microsoft, Mobil Oil Japan, Sanyo Australia, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Shell Oil, 3M, Time Insurance, Toledo Edison, Department of Transportation, US West Advanced Technologies, Waste Management, etc.

Larry and his partner (& wife), Pat have lived and owned businesses in five foreign countries, have five children and have had their Internet Radio Show for more than five years.

Over the past 30 years, Larry & Pat have worked with the biggest of companies as well as start-ups and have focused on helping organizations get their message out, above all the noise of the crowd. Larry helps link people and organizations to unique and valuable resources!

Always taking a very innovative approach to Business Development, the w3w3® philosophy is that… plans, execution and follow-through must be Powerful, Proven & People-Oriented.

The mission is to make the average person’s experience on the World Wide Web enjoyable, profitable and safe. Larry’s marketing background focuses a heavy attention on the profitability for his clients.


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