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14 March 2012



I just learned how to find conemmts' by searching repeatedly, and thankfully finally succeeding. So now that I feel the glow of success I will voice my thoughts.I think attitudes about mistakes are often a learned response from childhood, where many have felt the brunt of punishment, ridicule and harsh criticism when they have done something wrong. How we react to the consequences of failure depends on how much encouragement we receive from others and how we view our own ability to get up and keep going. Many choose to just give up because it feels easier and safer less risky. It's often very challenging to overcome the hurdles of self-doubt and recrimination in order to begin thinking more constructively about how to respond to mistakes, but with God's help it's well worth the effort! Thank you, Jim, for encouraging us all to think outside the box about ourselves, for re-constructing the process of learning, and for demonstrating patience and persistence!Carol Lindsay

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